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TCP / TAB Replacement (Driver IC Exchange)

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Horizontal or vertical lines on the screen are a common failure caused by poor solder connections, failing driver ICs and poor bonding of the ICs to the conductive traces on the glass.

The TCP-panel driver replacement process requires specialized equipment for pulse-heated anisotropic-conductive film (ACF). Our proprietary equipment is able to execute tight process control over heat and pressure profiles, precision positioning and alignment because of our advanced computerized control heat sealing equipment. We are proud to point out that we have specialized staff and quality machines.

LCD TAB/Bonding Machine

• Handle LCD panel sizes ranging from 1” up to 32”.
• Easy Alignment
• System can be used for ACF Tacking, ACF Final Bonding and Hot Bar Soldering.
• TAB/COG/Flex bonding for LCD/ PDP applications
• Alignment by Camera and Display
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